About Coiz

We are a manufacturer from the South Korea specializing in Oxygen infusion therapy.
We combine Korean spa techniques along with oxygen infused skincare (OxygenCeuticals) and advanced oxygen infusion system (OxyCryo) to meet the needs of our clients.
The OxygenCeuticals and OxyCryo is the #1 medical grade oxygen therapy system in Korea, adapted by over 600 famous medical aesthetic institutions.
We take pride in our product research and development, education, training and services we offer to our customers.

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Social Responsibilities of Enterprise
Generalization for Name of COIZ in
Medical Beauty & Health Field
Technology Based on Humanism


International Marketing Manager

TEL : +82.2.3662.4714
MOBILE : +82.10.3315.4710
whatsapp : woojisan
E-mail : oxygenceuticals@gmail.com

TEL : +82.2.3662.4714
MOBILE : +82.10.3327.4714
E-mail : oxygenceuticals@gmail.com

Cosmetic Brand

Oxygen Ceuticals

the Professional Skin care brand
that infused with pure oxygen


The professional customized
skin-care brand CellBorn


The Post -Treatment Equipment designed
to deliver effective ingredients
of 100% Pure Oxygen to skin.

Quality Management Systems

ISO is an international standard for quality
management systems established by ISO, a standardization organization.
That the product and service realization system provided to the
consumer satisfies the prescribed requirements.
It is a system that objectively evaluates and
certifies by a third party certification authority.

CPNP - cosmetic products notification portal
OxygenCeutcials products are registered by CPNP with NOVIZ Inc.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA or USFDA) is a federal agency of the
United States Department of Health and Human Services, one of the United
States federal executive departments.
The FDA is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the
control and supervision of food safety,
over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs (medications), vaccines,
cosmetics, veterinary products and etc.
The FDA was empowered by the United States Congress to
enforce the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act,
which serves as the primary focus for the Agency.

OXYCRYO's safety certifications

ISO is an international standard for quality
OXYCRYO has obtained CE certification from SGS

OXYCRYO has obtained the KC certification from
KTC for electrical products safety

Pure Oxygen Mask Design
Registration Certificate

Registration of Oxygen Concentrators
for Skin Care Use

Certificate of Patent Registration Device for
Injecting Skin Care Cosmetic Solution

Certificate of Registration

Pure Oxygen Mask Design
Registration Certificate

Registration of Oxygen Concentrators
for Skin Care Use

Certificate of Patent Registration Device for
Injecting Skin Care Cosmetic Solution


100% Pure Oxygen Post-Care System

Post care after Plastic surgery & LASER treatment Get a Beautiful oxygen skin

Oxygen Mist Therapy
The infusion of oxygen and nutrients into the skin encourages the production of collagen which
helps to repair damaged skin tissues
Oxygen Anion Therapy
When the number of anions increases in blood, electric exchange of substances promotes
in the cellular membrane and purifies blood. Enhances immunity against infection.
Medical Ozone Therapy
Ozone Therapy promotes blood circulation to carry renewed life to cells, increasing
oxygen in every cell in the skin and providing it with energy and vitality. Since the treatment
is a natural anti-oxidant, it eliminates viruses, bacteria and other impurities
Oxygen Scalp Therapy
Oxygen Scalp Therapy is a natural hair treatment that helps eliminate bacteria from the scalp while
replenishing moisture and balance to the scalp and hair from the root to the ends.
Supplies the scalp with adequate nutrients and oxygen to keep the scalp healthy.

OXYCRYO Specification

Dimension 350 X 450 X 1100mm COMPRESSOR 0.6 MPa.Max
Voltage 200 ~ 220VAC (50/60Hz) Power(W) 40W
Pressure 1.3bar ~ 4bar Weight 40kg
Noise 55db Free Flow 15LPM
Concentration Oxygen (99.9%) / Ozone (600~1750mg/h) / Anion (~3X106 pcs/cm3)

Oxygen Therapy Treatment Procedure


Oxygen Scaling

Pore Scaling&Soft Peeling


Oxygen Technique

Pure Oxygen Manual


Oxygen Formula

Ampoul Spraying


Oxygen Special

Mask(Calming·Pain Relief)


Scalp Scaling

Scalp Scaling